How To Be Popular in School


How To Be Popular in Middle School

Middle school is a place where stereotypes dominate and the confident reign supreme. Your number one priority should be to demand attention and exude confidence. I'm going to give you a number of tips that will help you master how to be popular in middle school. After you finish reading this article, check out the second part of the series: Get Popular Middle School. It expands on some of the ideas here, and gets into some specific details on how to be a popular, cool kid in middle school.

How To Be Popular in Middle School: The Attention of Others

First of all, one of the main secrets on how to be popular in middle school is to always carry with you what others want. Remember, your goal is to demand the attention of others and have them be reliant on you. In middle school, one way to accomplish this is by carrying gum with you. Gum, to make a metaphor to the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, is the golden ticket, and everyone wants it. Realize, that by carrying gum you are carrying a powerful weapon. Use this power wisely. Make sure you use it smartly and to your advantage. Pick and choose who you give your gum to. Make it a habit to regularly reject people (even those at the top of the food chain.) If you give in too easy to the other popular kids, then they wont have any incentive to look up to you. If you regularly reject them, then when you finally do give them gum it will have a huge impact on them. Reward these people and use it to make a tight nit group of friends.

How To Be Popular in Middle School by Staying in Shape!

Although this is more difficult, realize that being athletic and good (or at the very least, decent) at sports is rather important. Use sports as a way to hang out with other kids. Regularly play basketball at the school and invite others to come play with you. If you want to know how to become popular in middle school, realize that a lot of it means that you need to be the boss. You need to be the one that arranges the activities that others partake in. You should be the one arranging for people to go to the movies. You should be the one inviting people over to play video games. If you want to know the truth of how to become popular in middle school, it's that you should always be taking charge and planing events. That way, everyone will want to be friends with you to ensure that they get invited to the next thing you plan. Sports are merely a good way to look cool, and are one of the easiest events to arrange. Get decent at playing baseball, softball, or kickball, and be the one to bring the equipment to school so everyone can play. It's not that hard to know how to become popular in middle school. Just be the one that everyone else is reliant on, and people will have no choice but to want to hang out with you and respect you.

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